• Melanie Albin PsyS. LMFT

How We Can Change the World

All our negativity is rising to the top. It's difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Never before have we been so aware. Even our children or grandchildren are showing us up with compassion and resolve to make our world a better place. We could do a lot better modeling humane treatment for everyone.

Covid 19 affects all of us around the world. All the way from losing a loved one from Covid 19, having it, job loss and financial stress to dealing with the lack of socializing with friends and dining out. Calling on our flexibility, covid 19 challenges us to pull out resources we did not know that we have. #Covid19

We are a world entrenched in racism. The English battled African Americans on their own turf and treat them as slaves. Historically, we sail to America and fight and kill Native Americans and steal their land. Historically we capture African Americans from their environment against their will and bring them to ours and make them slaves. We make the mistake of never seeing them or treating them as equals. Whites historically and currently are aggressive and arrogant. We fail to recognize the intelligence in other races. #racism #blacklivesmatter

We take animals out of their natural habitat and enclose them in small places so we can see them. We wreck their natural habitat. We hunt animals for sport or money. Rather than respecting nature and realizing that all the answers we seek are in nature, we are ignorant of our destruction to the earth from pollution, garbage, toxic waste, leveling trees and natural habitat including indigenous people that were there first. If we had cooperated and learned from them, we would be living in a very different world. We fail to recognize the intelligence of nature and animals which we could have learned from Native Americans. We continue to fail to recognize the intelligence in animals and in nature.

We fight each other for land, for religion and for domination. Rather than learning from our differences we become enemies. Some dominate to control. Making a profit is more important than treating every person with dignity. Many abuse women of race and youth to make a profit. We treat people and animals inhumanly for the all mighty dollar. We purchase diamonds despite the fact they are collected by African Americans that are enslaved and abused that have no share in the profit.

We distribute guns to our youth. Our world has been unsuccessful at modeling humane treatment of humans, animals and nature. We let our youth play sports that break bones and cause brain trauma. We watch men fight and look on while they hurt each other not unlike the ancient cultures that watched and cheered them on while they fight until death. Some do the same things with animals. We watch while we race dogs or horses for sport and money without regard for the wellbeing of the animal.

I may not have any readers left. I do want to leave you with hope. We need to somehow put an end to all the corrupt behavior we allow. We need to cooperate not compete with other people and other countries. Covid 19 gives us the opportunity to cooperate for the good for all of us. Climate change gives us the opportunity to cooperate for the good for all of us. Until we are aware of how we impact our worlds ecosystem, we will have weather disturbances that cause loss of property and life. All the answers we seek are in nature. #climatechange

What can we do to make the world a better place? Do what you can to model conscious acts of kindness to others. Do not cut down trees. Plant trees. Support a government that will cooperate not compete. Recycle. Speak out if you see or experience abuse of police, of a partners, of children or in the work place.

We need to right past wrongs. Over the globe, we have to stop all our inhumane and unequal treatment of races. Everywhere we need to acknowledge our history of prejudice, stop it and make amends. From now on, African Americans and Native Americans get free education for elementary, middle and high school and college including graduate schools in the college of their choice. Since we displaced their homes free upscale housing in the place of their choice. I'm talking about better than average housing forever.

We need to learn from countries, like Holland who are successful at limiting waste and are way ahead in recycling. Respect and learn from animals and nature in their own habitat. Do not destroy their natural habitat across the world. We have to acknowledge and stop abuse of police, of partners, of children and in the work place. We need to stop prejudice of any kind. We need to speak up when we see or experience it.

We allow religion to divide us. Religions have more in common than they have differences. Share land. Stop killing your sons and daughters. It's another way we maintain prejudice verses coming together to solve problems like world hunger or homelessness.

Hunger and homelessness should not exist if we work together to distribute the worlds resources. You see cooperation in the Covid 19 crisis of farmers and restaurants coming together with government funding to feed struggling families. It's a start that could be extended. How much food goes to waste while we have people starving? If we cooperated, could we ship food where it's needed. We can work to provide the world's resources to eradicate poverty and homelessness.

I am sure others of you have idea's that could help our world. Please contribute them on this blog. We need to use all of our strengths, gifts and talents to make the world a better place.#maketheworldabetterplace


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