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Counseling for Couples, Individuals,

Children of all ages, Adolescents & Families

I authored a book "Total Wellness" "How to Live a Peaceful and Harmonious Life" inspired by my patients who wanted a written form of the skills I teach in therapy. Helpful for patients and therapists.




I have been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1983. The essence of my work is to facilitate your growth personally and interpersonally.

I have expertise in couples therapy.  I work with couples who want to prevent a breakup or improve a relationship. I can guide you and your spouse through issues including infidelity and grief.

My expertise is also in family therapy for children of all ages who are anxious, hyperactive, underperforming in school, or who are difficult to manage in school or at home.

 Additionally, I specialize in depression and anxiety in individuals.  


I authored a book "Total Wellness" "How to Live a Peaceful and Harmonious Life" inspired by my patients who wanted a written form of the skills I teach in therapy. Helpful for patients who are seeking answers to the causes of depression or anxiety. Helpful for therapists who want to learn the causes of depression and anxiety from 30+ years of experience.


For more information about my services, please browse my website or, and reach out with any questions you may have.

Experience & Expertise

Individual Sessions for Life’s Challenges

Life throws many challenges our way. It's often too difficult to manage without direction and support. My job is to teach you positive life skills enabling you to handle issues as they arise and live a balanced and fulfilling life. 

Learn the 7 causes of depression, coping skills to handle stress, and how to cope with loss or grief. For those moving through the stages of grief, I can share with you what to expect, and support you through the stages.


Learn the 2 causes of anxiety or panic attacks and how they can be eliminated. Worrying and anxious thoughts are learned, become habits, and can be changed. 


Learn how to let go of anger and old wounds that interfere with your relationships.


Increase your self-esteem.

Improve relationships.

Create happiness and peace in your life.


Family Therapy

                                                Guidance & Inspiration


A hyperactive child can leave you feeling exasperated. Learn how to channel your hyperactive child's energy. 


Learn how to gain cooperation from your child or teenager. 


Is your child prone to anxiety? Do they have stomach distress? I specialize in anxiety disorders in children.

Divorce can be a challenge for every family member. Individual and family sessions can help you all get through this difficult time. Remarrying and step-parenting can be trying at best. Get started early to discover what roles to take in your new combined families.


I offer guidance to parents and provide family sessions to implement desired changes. I offer individual and family sessions for teenagers.


You are a role model in your children's life. Learn to teach your children or teenager to navigate the world while having the highest self-esteem possible.


 Repair Faltering Relationships

Have you been hit in the gut by grief or by your partner's affair?  I can help you and your partner repair your shattered relationship. The sooner you seek therapy, the better.


Learn the art of communicating, listening, and comprising. Learn how to communicate when you are not angry.  

Learn how to gain insight into how our past wounds from childhood and previous relationships, affects our perception of our partners intention.


I can help guide you and your partner to create a healthier relationship.


Individual, Couple, Family Therapy

Education &Training

Create Happiness and Peace in Your Life
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Education and Training

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