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Problem-solving skills in a nutshell: At least 3 options exist for every problem.

Updated: May 27, 2023

First, try to think of 3 options for your problem. There are always at least 3. Sometimes more than 3 options exist. If you can't come up with 3 then stop thinking about it until you have time to research the options with an expert in the field of the problem. The research can be done online, over the phone, or in consultation with an expert. #problemsolvingskills

Since thinking about a problem triggers adrenaline, starting the stress cycle which speeds up your heart rate and your breathing causing you to be anxious, and shuts off your digestion and your immune system that ends in depletion, you want to turn your adrenaline off for now. Take some deep breaths and imagine you are in a relaxing place. Or spend 20 minutes exercising, cleaning or involve yourself in a hobby or interest for 20 minutes. All these will turn off the adrenaline and the stress cycle.

Once you have at least 3 options, think about or list the pros and cons of each option.

Then, think about or list the short and long-term consequences of each option.

Then you are in the best position to decide on an option. And you can stop thinking or obsessing about it because unless you come across another option, there is no need to ruminate about it which only turns on your adrenaline, which will turn on the stress cycle with all its side effects.

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