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Thinking about what you are grateful for actually attracts more things to be grateful for.

Updated: May 27, 2023

What are you grateful for today? Thinking about it, actually attracts more things to be grateful...for in your life. Universal laws exist that affect us every day. The Law of Attraction "We attract to our lives, what we focus on"#weattracttoourliveswhatwefeelgrateful4 #feelinggrateful

"We attract to our lives, what we focus on"

Every aspect of our lives is governed by Universal Laws. Not only "The Law of Attraction" but "The Law of Cause and Effect" "The Power of Expectancy" "The Law of Belief" "The Law of Love" "The Law of Guidance" and "The Law of Balance" (Bringing balance to your life.) and "The Law of Multiplicity". "The Law of Multiplicity is a simple common sense law. The effect of your actions is multiplied. If your intention, thought or action is kind to yourself and others, that kindness comes back to you multiplied.

A lesser known and lesser understood law is the "Law of Manifestation" Your thoughts if held onto long enough, create your reality. If you want something and you hold onto wanting it, the universe cannot bring it to you because you are focused on the wanting of it which is the absence of it. Believing it so strongly that you already have it and being grateful for it, if it's in your highest good, the universe will manifest it for you. I explain how Mastery of Your Thoughts and this law works with your highest good in my book "Total Wellness" and "How To Live A Peaceful and Harmonious Life". I recommend reading "Your Life Why It Is the Way It Is and What You Can Do About It" and "Understanding the Universal Laws" by Bruce McArthur. It's the easiest-to-understand book about Universal Laws that I have found.

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